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Reply Xcjdrbej
1:45 PM on March 23, 2018 
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Reply tolikkk
12:22 AM on February 4, 2018 
Reply AnnarinPhend
6:43 PM on December 28, 2017 
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Reply Dannyrom
3:02 AM on December 23, 2017 
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Reply RobertSwine
10:12 PM on December 21, 2017 
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Reply AbbaLemix
8:11 PM on December 10, 2017 
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Reply omegafelp
8:35 PM on November 28, 2017 
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Reply nitty
5:10 PM on October 20, 2017 
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Reply Jameseffic
8:44 PM on March 26, 2017 
It can be daunting trying to figure out what you need to do once you have been diagnosed with sleep apnea. There are so many new things to learn, and you may feel a bit overwhelmed. Reading this article can provide you with some simple steps to take to make the transition much easier.

Strengthen your throat and jaw with some basic exercises. Developing these muscles should reduce the symptoms of sleep apnea. You can exercise your throat and jaw by simply pulling your tongue or practicing some very simple breathing exercises. The goal is to train you to breathe differently and hopefully make your sleep apnea disappear.

If you have just been diagnosed with sleep apnea and prescribed a CPAP, join a CPAP support group. It can be quite difficult to get used to sleeping with a mask on your face every night. Sitting in a room full of other people going through the same thing can be very empowering. You can learn from others who have had the same issues you are having and made adjustments to make it work.

If you suffer from sleep apnea and you use a CPAP, carry your medical ID. If you need medical attention, it's vital that the people treating you know about your condition and that you use a CPAP machine. Your ID should tell people about your sleep apnea, your use of a CPAP, and the proper pressure level for it.

Lose a bit of weight to get rid of your sleep apnea. Many people have corrected their apnea by losing weight. Even a few pounds can help your sleep apnea symptoms.

If you think that you may have sleep apnea, set up a video of yourself as you sleep. Just be sure that the video recorder has sound capability. When you wake up, look at the video, and if it seems like something other than snoring is going on, it may be time to go to the doctor.

Sleep apnea does not go away on its own; patients need treatment. Some treatments work better for different people. If you lose weight you will help your sleep apnea, but this is not always the cause. CPAP machines are considered non-invasive, and many people use them successfully. Others prefer surgery to relieve their sleep apnea. Choose whichever method you think will work for you so you may begin to live a happy and comfortable life.

If you have been diagnosed with sleep apnea, it is important to avoid drinking alcohol. Alcoholic beverages will relax the muscles in your throat, which makes it more likely that they will block your airway during your sleep. At the very least, avoid any alcoholic beverages in the evening before you get ready for bed.

People who use alcohol, sedatives, and sleeping pills are far more likely to suffer from sleep apnea. This is because these drugs will relax the throat and cause their breathing to be impaired. Using these drugs before bedtime is more likely to cause sleep apnea than using these drugs during the day.

Life after your CPAP diagnosis may seem overwhelming at first. However, there is a lot of help to be found if you look for it. This article has shared just a few easy ideas for dealing with your sleep condition. Start applying these today, and you will feel more in control of your life in no time.
Reply MVolkova
7:43 PM on March 26, 2017 
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